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Beth Minardi Signature® Permanent Crème Hair Color: 

The Beth Minardi Signature® Permanent Crème Hair Color palette features lightly fragranced, essential shades that deliver rich, natural-looking color results full of dimension and shine. Based on the universal level system, these true-to-level shades provide 100% gray coverage, excellent lift and deposit, and predictable results. The palette features Beth Minardi Signature® Nutrient Replacement Complex to replace nutrients during the coloring process that are critical to optimal, healthy-looking hair. The Permanent Crème Hair Color Collection gets you started covering gray more easily than ever before.

Kit Contains:
1 pc. 3R Electric Cherry
1 pc. 4BB Oak 
1 pc. 4BC Nutmeg
1 pc. 4CC Indian Sunset
1 pc. 4ICE Starry Night
1 pc. 4R Heat
1 oc. 5BB True Brunette
1 pc. 5BRO Whiskey
1 pc. 5ICE Blue Moon
1 pc. 5NGC Irish Setter
1 pc. 5TAN Bittersweet
2 pc. 6BB Beechwood
1 pc. 6CCR I'm on Fire
1 pc. 6G Golden Sable
1 pc. 6NCB Fawn
1 pc. 6RC Red Carpet Red
1 pc. 6TAN Sienna
1 pc. 7OG Valencia
1 pc. 7COR Orange Poppy
1 pc. 7ICE Deep Freeze
1 pc. 7NGC Golden Russet
2 pc. 8BB Brulee
1 pc 8BG Creme Soda
1 pc. 9BG Chardonnay 
1 pc. 9ICE Sub-Zero
1 pc. 9TAN Amber
1 pc. 10BB Laguna Beach
1 pc. 10GG Goldilocks
1 pc. 12BB Antartica
1 pc. 12ICE Ice Age

Free Items:
2 pc. 32 oz. 20 Volume Developer
1 pc. 32 oz. 40 Volume Developer
1 pc. Deluxe Swatch Book
1 pc. Paper Shade Chart
1 pc. Technical Manual 
1 pc. Clear Mixing Bowl
1 pc. Applicator Brush