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Beth Minardi Signature® Demi-Permanent Liquid Hair Color features color-matched shades with an acidic pH to bring the hair’s pH back to a natural range following alkaline services, seal the cuticle and create semi-translucent, glossy, high-dollar results. Featuring Beth Minardi Signature’s exclusive Nutrient Replacement Complex, this expert formulated demi-permanent liquid hair color delivers the nutrients that are critical for optimal results during the color service AND optimal wearability following the color service. Begin to see the shine with this hand-selected Demi-Permanent Liquid Hair Color Collection.



Kit Contains:
1 pc. 4BB Cocoa Fondue
1 pc. 4BC Burnished Ginger
1 pc. 4RR Raspberry Crush
1 pc. 5CG Cognac 
1 pc. 5ICE Granite
2 pc. 6B Bambi
1 pc. 6CG Mango
1 pc. 6NB Suede
1 pc. 6TAN Toasty
1 pc. 6RCC Light My Fire
1 pc. 7BG Sunflower
1 pc. 7ICE Slate
2 pc. 7NB Praline
2 pc. 8BB Parchment 
1 pc. 8C Tangerine Dream
1 pc. 8GN Ginger Ale
1 pc. 8WG Sea Shell
1 pc. 9NB Almond Parfait
1 pc. 9TAN Cocoa Beach
2 pc. 10BB In The Buff
1 pc. 10C Peach Chiffon
1 pc. 10G Buttercream
2 pc. 10ICE Hi-Ho Silver
1 pc. 11TAN Candlelit
3 pc. Clear

Free Items:
2 pc. 32 oz. 5 volume Gentle Crème Developer
1 pc. Deluxe Swatch Book
1 pc. Paper Shade Chart
1 pc. Technical Manual 
1 pc. Clear Mixing Bowl
1 pc. Applicator Brush